Hello, world.

I'm Josh, a seasoned full stack designer with two decades of experience in creating digital products, assembling and guiding small multidisciplinary teams, and fulfilling various roles from individual contributor to leadership positions within SaaS companies and design agencies.

Currently spearheading vision and design innovation at Zendesk, previously at Salesforce, Desk.com and eBay.

Born and raised in Texas, but forever a Niners faithful. I’m a self-taught designer and developer, currently living in Washington State with my wife and 5 (f-i-v-e) daughters. I’m a sports fanatic, halloween junkie, Disney nerd, foodie & advocate for purposeful design.

My path

Distinguished Principal Designer


September 2021 - Present

Senior Director of User Experience



Director of User Experience


JULY 2014 - MARCH 2016

Design Lead


August 2012 - JULY 2014

Web & Product Designer

Agency & Freelance

June 2005 - August 2012

What I value

Priority over balance

Work/Life balance is impossible - but Cameron said it best. Knowing that the long-term priorities are set, you can easily swivel to what needs your attention in the moment.

Do what you love

Passion is the key to joy. I luckily learned this lesson early in life. You can always find a way to make money - spend your days doing what you love.

Always be building

My personal mantra comes from the original dreamer, Walt Disney, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” There is no better way to grow than by doing.

Be open, honest & direct

I’ve found that radical candor is a must for defining and building relationships that foster loyalty, love and authenticity.

Where to find me

I am always down to grab lunch and chat shop. Feel free to reach out at josh@giblette.com or via LinkedIn.

When I have time I also randomly post to Dribbble or Twitter.

At the moment

I’m reading

Creative Selection

So much goodness in these pages around Apple’s “Creative Selection” culture thru the lens of Ken’s projects during the golden age of working with Jobs.

I’m playing


Video games have always been an easy way for me to bond with others - lately I've really enjoyed the late night hours of uncontrollable laughter, inside jokes and father/daughter time spent picking up a few controllers and diving into the world of Fortnite with my 15 year old.

I’m listening to


Life requires a soundtrack - while not musically gifted myself, I have focused on being around those that are. There aren't many genres I don't enjoy and I'm a huge sucker for a good cover. FigureItOut is a nostalgic pop punk project created by American artist, Mike Weakley.


Atari® 2600

Speaking of "always be building" - I try to have a Lego set in flight or on deck at all times. Something I hope to never outgrow.