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We embarked on a transformative journey to refresh its brand identity. As the lead designer, my role was to breathe new life into eBay's iconic logo, ensuring it remained recognizable yet evolved to reflect the modern, dynamic nature of the marketplace. This rebranding effort extended beyond the logo, encompassing the creation of sub-brand lockups and a comprehensive update to the brand library across various mediums, including digital platforms, print materials, and environmental branding.

Unified design system

Recognizing the need for a cohesive user experience across eBay's web and mobile platforms, I partnered with my peers on the development of a robust design system. This system standardized UI patterns, typography, color schemes, and interactive elements, creating a unified visual and functional language for eBay's digital presence. I meticulously documented these patterns in a custom internal library, designed for mass adoption and ease of use by product teams. This initiative not only streamlined the design process but also ensured consistency and coherence across eBay's vast ecosystem of services.

Mobile web

The mobile web experience is a critical touchpoint for eBay's users, necessitating a design approach that was both intuitive and efficient. Leading the charge, I developed and established standard best practices and guidelines for multi-screen patterns and interactions. Working closely with the mobile engineers, we crafted an experience that prioritizes ease of navigation, speed, and accessibility in a full responsive experience, ensuring eBay remained at the forefront of mobile commerce.

Visual discovery & engagement

With the development of a Pinterest-style recommendation feed for eBay, I revolutionized the platform's shopping experience by introducing a visually-driven, personalized browsing feature. This innovation leveraged user preferences and behavior to curate a dynamic, image-rich engagement layer, transforming casual browsing into inspired discovery. By blending intuitive design with sophisticated algorithmic curation, we significantly enhanced user engagement and set a new standard for personalized e-commerce.

Next gen commerce

In an ambitious move to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, I led the vision and concept development for an app called Red Laser. This groundbreaking app aimed to revolutionize how eBay partnered with brick-and-mortar stores, introducing a self-checkout feature that leveraged the user's phone for a frictionless shopping experience. By scanning items with the Red Laser app, customers can bypass traditional checkout lines, streamlining the purchasing process and integrating eBay's digital catalog allowing for price comparison across various retail environments.

This initiative underscored eBay's commitment to innovation and its adaptive approach to evolving consumer behaviors.
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