Hexa Custom

A dynamic B2B platform transforming outdoor gear customization by offering made-to-order solutions at scale, providing a seamless design-to-delivery experience.

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Simplified complexity

With a multitude of configurations for orders, discounts, and microsite commerce, the challenge was to distill these intricate processes into an intuitive and streamlined user experience. The platform is designed to handle everything from basic order placements to complex discount structures and specialized microsite functionalities, ensuring that all operations are straightforward for users. By focusing on clear navigation, logical flow, and simplified interfaces, I was able to demystify the complexities inherent in custom order management, making it accessible and manageable for all users.

Design it your way

I developed a platform that gives distributors, contacts, and consumers the ability to tailor merchandise through a straightforward and intuitive user interface. My aim was to offer a variety of choices, including different materials, colors, and unique features, enabling the creation of items that truly reflect personal or brand identities. While incorporating a range of customization options, I prioritized making the tool's interface easy to use, aiming to make the design process enjoyable and simple, encouraging users to express their creativity and personal style with ease.

Designed to scale

Development of workflows and a pattern library, meticulously aligned with the 'Jobs to be Done' framework and tailored to our user personas, underscored my commitment to scalability. This strategic approach ensured that every aspect of the platform, from the core design tool to the order management system, was crafted with growth and adaptability in mind. By focusing on modularity and reusability in my design approach, I established a foundation that facilitated the seamless introduction of new features and enabled expansion into new markets. This design philosophy not only improved the platform's usability but also ensured its longevity and continued relevance in a rapidly evolving market.

Flexible commerce management

A foundational principle I established for the new platform was its inherent flexibility. I meticulously designed the user interface to enhance the platform's scalability and adaptability, allowing it to seamlessly handle various pricing models, order sizes, and unique promotional deals. This level of adaptability proved essential in keeping pace with the changing market demands, positioning Hexa Custom as a leader in the customization sector, equipped to provide both businesses and consumers with innovative and dynamic solutions.

Success was measured by the platform's ability to combine customization excellence with simplicity & flexibility.
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