My Health

A web app that transforms setting and tracking physical and nutritional goals into a captivating challenge, complete with gamification, competition, and a leaderboard to inspire progress among family and friends.

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From spreadsheet to sophistication

The genesis of this project was rooted in the simple yet powerful insights gained from tracking fitness and nutrition goals using a spreadsheet the previous year. This experience provided a solid data-driven foundation for designing the web app. It emphasized the importance of user-friendly data visualization and the motivational impact of tracking progress over time. The next step was to move that into something more automatic, dynamic and delightful to use.

The essence lies in turning goal setting into a visual game, fostering self-honesty through accountability shared with our peers.

Collaboration with AI

In an innovative approach to development, I partnered with ChatGPT as my peer programmer. This collaboration highlighted the seamless integration of AI in the coding process, where ChatGPT's insights and coding capabilities complemented my design and development skills. Working in PHP, we were able to rapidly prototype, test, and iterate, turning conceptual ideas into functional features efficiently.

Gamification as a motivation catalyst

One of the project's core achievements was visually gamifying the goal-setting process. This approach not only made the experience more engaging but also encouraged full transparency and honesty in self-reporting. Integrating elements of competition and collaboration, the app fostered a supportive community atmosphere among users.

Building a community of progress

A pivotal feature of the web app was its ability to anchor users' commitment through social accountability. By sharing progress with family and friends, users found an added layer of motivation. This social aspect of the app transformed personal goals into a collective journey, enhancing the commitment to health and wellness.

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