Radford Pines

A small custom furniture company that puts as much focus on customer care, as they do on the products they produce - understanding the unique pieces they craft hold family memories and are what make your house a home.

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The goal was to scale a small successful brand without losing it’s homegrown authenticity.

Pictures sell a thousand products

The first impression is often the last, and nothing captures the essence of a custom furniture piece like a beautifully crafted image. Their catalog housed high-resolution, emotive photography that needed elevation to be placed front and center. The approach wasn't just about aesthetics; it was strategic, aimed at engaging visitors immediately, conveying the craftsmanship and passion that goes into every piece of furniture. By optimizing image placement and ensuring fast load times, we improved user engagement and significantly decreased time to purchase.

Photography is king

Simplify the (sales) funnel

A key objective was to streamline the path from discovery to purchase without diluting the brand's homegrown feel. The challenge lay in balancing simplicity with the depth of the company's story and the uniqueness of its offerings. By redesigning the website's architecture on Squarespace, I simplified navigation, making it intuitive and reducing the steps to purchase. Custom product pages were designed to provide detailed information in a digestible format, encouraging immediate action. The integration of an efficient, secure checkout process further streamlined the sales funnel, resulting in a noticeable uplift in conversion rates.

One of a kind and easy to manage

Custom templates were created to ensure new products could be added seamlessly, retaining consistent brand messaging and design. This approach enabled them to focus on what they do best—crafting unique furniture—while efficiently managing their expanding product range and content updates, ensuring the site remained as dynamic and vibrant as their offerings.

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