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Getting safely back to work

In response to the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, I spearheaded the development of a pivotal application within, aimed at facilitating a safe return to the workplace. I set a vision and led the execution for how employees could easily submit and manage their COVID-19 vaccination status and test results. Our solution enabled businesses to collect, verify, and manage health data at scale, thus ensuring a safe work environment and with the creation of dedicated reports and dashboards further empowered businesses to make informed decisions and consumers make informed decisions in an ambiguous time.

Guided support

I led the design and implementation of a comprehensive framework that revolutionized how support agents interact with customers through the Service Cloud. This framework enabled real-time, scripted workflows across various channels, tightly integrating Salesforce's robust process with customer-specific models, apps, and tools. By extending this capability to our mobile Service Cloud app, we significantly enhanced the support experience, allowing agents to manage cases effectively and offer unparalleled support on the go. This initiative not only improved operational efficiency but also set a new standard for customer service excellence.

CRM for Small Business

Recognizing the untapped potential within the small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector, I guided my team in launching a new Salesforce SKU specifically designed for this market segment. Our solution provided a simplified yet powerful CRM platform, directly addressing the needs of businesses primarily reliant on rudimentary tools like Gmail and spreadsheets. This initiative not only captured a new market niche but also demonstrated Salesforce's commitment to scalability and inclusivity, enabling SMBs to leverage advanced CRM functionalities tailored to their unique business requirements.

Curation & beyond

To better cater this end of the market, we acknowledged the necessity of simplifying Salesforce's layout and navigation. The existing complexity, suitable for enterprise users with its app and context switching, did not align with the needs of SMBs, where users often juggle multiple roles requiring seamless end-to-end workflows.

We redesigned the platform's UI to be more modular and intuitive, establishing a clear hierarchy that prioritized simplicity and efficiency. This new, opinionated approach directly addressed the overwhelming UI complexity that contributed to user churn. With the critical window of the first 10 minutes in mind, our redesign focused on a visual language that emphasized ease of use, aiming to significantly reduce the learning curve and enhance user retention. This initiative marked a strategic pivot towards offering a more accessible, user-friendly Salesforce experience tailored to the fast-paced, multifaceted world of SMBs.

Deciding in the browser

Championing a novel approach to product development using Shape Up, my team acted as an incubator for innovative ideas, aiming to validate concepts for this new SMB product offering, rapidly both on and off the Salesforce platform. By partnering closely with product teams, we adopted a nimble weekly working model aligned with a 6 week cycles for producing deliverables, diverging from the traditional 2 weeks sprints of agile. This shift facilitated quicker validation and stakeholder support, with rapid prototyping playing a pivotal role. Transitioning from traditional UX tools to a local development environment powered by Heroku and Svelte, we transformed designs into functional prototypes daily, significantly increasing confidence in our direction and garnering executive endorsement.

Built to scale

Upon validating our strategic direction, we focused on establishing a comprehensive visual library encompassing components and patterns for broader consumption, including third-party developers. This effort aimed at creating a cohesive ecosystem where customers could integrate their preferred applications, thereby offering a unified view of their business and customer data. By fostering a marketplace environment, we not only met customers where they were but also set the stage for future innovations and collaborations.

Work on the go

Extending our vision beyond the desktop, we developed a native mobile application tailored to the dynamic needs of users on the move. This initiative was grounded in the insight that a significant portion of essential desktop use cases were already being performed on mobile devices. By identifying core job themes such as tracking work, receiving notifications, and managing data, we delivered a solution that not only complemented our desktop offerings but also addressed the unique challenges faced by mobile users, showcasing our commitment to versatility and user-centric design.

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