Smart Haven

A proven leader in the smart home technology and security industry - committed to providing powerful and reliable smart home security and home services.

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The goal was to create an identity that could easily encompass the entire home security market at scale.

Friendly & secure

Smart Haven's visual identity is anchored in a carefully selected spectrum of blues, ranging from deep, trustworthy tones to lighter, more approachable shades. This monochromatic strategy was chosen to evoke a sense of security and reliability, core attributes of the Smart Haven brand, while also suggesting innovation and clarity. The use of blue, a color often associated with stability and technological prowess, underscores Smart Haven's commitment to providing cutting-edge smart home security solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly.

The logo mark succinctly communicates Smart Haven’s promise to keep homes connected and protected. The contrast between dark and light blues in the logo not only enhances its visual appeal but also reinforces the brand's dual focus on robust security and seamless integration into everyday life.

Extending the brand

To ensure Smart Haven's identity resonates across the entire home security market and supports scalability, the brand strategy emphasized a versatile yet cohesive visual language. The dual-tone blue palette was extended across all branding elements, from the website interface to product packaging, creating a visually harmonious and instantly recognizable brand presence across various touchpoints. The visual identity system, designed with scalability in mind, allows for the incorporation of new products and services under the Smart Haven umbrella without diluting the brand essence.

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