Getting the job done.

These are the products and services that are multipliers in my work and personal life.

Apps & services


It took me a while to move over from Sketch, but the pros around collaboration and prototyping could no longer be ignored.


An incredibly beautiful and clean evolution of Panic's OG editor, Coda.

CleanShot X

My go to screenshot and recording app.

Final Cut Pro

For the price, it doesn't get much better than FCP. Simple, flexible and dependable.


Bit dated but a slick interface to manage all the random to-dos & long term tasks on any device.


Beautifully simple app for when I need to take notes or sketch an interface on the go.


Jarvis Standing Desk

Working from home for over a decade now, this baby has really elevated my stamina to the right height. ;)

Studio Display

After suffering through various subs after the discontinuation of the Thunderbolt display, this monitor is an answer to prayer.

14” MacBook Pro M2 Max

Absolute workhorse. Even when upgrading from the M1, it still a massive leap in performance - handles FCP, AE & Figma with ease! 🚀

Twelve South Stand

Simple, streamlined and elegant. A must have when using your MacBook as a second screen.

Logitech M310

Call me basic - but this $10 mouse is all I need. Never felt the desire for a magic puck.

Magic Keyboard

But a magic keyboard is another story. Hard to live without Touch ID.


iPhone 13 Pro Max

The max is the only option when you have sausages for fingers.

Apple Watch Ultra

Totally underutilized but I love the size and battery life of this thing.

AirPods Pro

Was never a fan of earbuds until these. Extremely comfortable ad the spatial audio is uncanny.

Xbox Series X

If I'm being honest, I much prefer the experience of the PS5. However most of my gaming these days is with friends, and they're all on Xbox.

Arctis Nova Pro

Hands down the best gaming headset. Wireless and with a continuously charged extra battery, these things never let you down.

iPad Pro 12.9”

I wish I used this more for my day to day - it's morphed into a Bluey streaming device as of late.